Wut That’s Free! (WTF) : Shadow Warrior SE Free On Humble Bundle

Grab your sword and leap to help Lo Wang dismember the armies of the shadow realm! Leave your wallet behind, because for the next 44 hours this title is absolutely free on HumbleBundle.com. No need to wipe off your eye boogers, clean out your ear wax, or degrease your fingertips. Your senses are working just fine. This is simply a no strings attached special offer from HumbleBundle but it isn’t sticking around for long!


Shadow Warrior is a reboot of the classic 3d Realms first person action game by developer Flying Wild Hog. Play as the modern day corporate shogun Lo Wang, as he uses his enchanted katana, guns, and special abilities to dismember hoardes of disfigured monsters invading from the shadow realm. Shadow Warrior reboot is an action packed title, at an amazing price.