Windows 10 Bringing New Version of Minecraft


One of the most widely known and played games of our era Minecraft is coming to Windows 10 in an all new edition. Mojang recently announced this new version dubbed “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta” will come as a free release edition to the all of those who already own the PC version of the game and Windows 10, which is releasing July 29th. Microsoft has wasted no time in moving Minecraft into all of its many media arenas including the recent (and astounding) Hololens demonstrations. Clearly Microsoft had no intention of letting its 2.5 billion dollar acquisition rest on its laurels.

This upcoming edition of Minecraft will be a constantly evolving version just as other versions, the reason for the new release is that it is now tied into the mobile release of Minecraft, known was Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, will allow players to join up to 7 other Windows 10 players locally, or online via Xbox Live accounts. We will update you on what this means for multiplayer setups in the near future as soon as have the edition in our hands for testing. Interestingly enough, after the next Pocket Edition update, mobile players can also play local and online multiplayer with Windows 10 edition players. Should come in handy in crowded households where there are just not enough computers, but plenty of tablets and phones to join in on the fun.

As with all Minecraft editions, there are two forms of play, Creative and Survival. Like the Xbox One edition game recording feature, Minecraft for Windows 10 will have a GameDVR function for quick recording and sharing of game clips. No word yet on how Xbox One Minecraft and Windows 10 Edition Beta will interact with each other, if at all. However judging, from Microsoft’s apparent surge to “remove exclusivity” and the inclusion of mobile devices with PC gamers, it’s something we will keep an eye on.

Do not own the “java” version of Minecraft? No worries, you can also download the edition from the Microsoft Windows Store for $10.00 USD upon it’s release.