Warhold MMO – Official Announcement & Closed Alpha

Online stab-y with a deep political system
I have always wanted to role play someone who can do a near split.

Warhold is a new fantasy based MMO entering closed alpha testing. There are plenty of gamers that are looking for a lower time investment MMO, and Warhold looks to fit this niche. It will be a session based MMO game, meaning you queue up for one action session at a time with up to 20 players at a time. Combatants are then thrust into arena style combat, in teams or as single entrants.

These sessions are similar to MOBA style matches, however Warhold adds deeper layers of management before and after matches. Each player is known as a “Sovereign”, which is comparable to a feudal lord. Loot and experience earned from combat arenas, are in turn used to improve your estate. Manage your citizens well, and you’ll have the capabilities of purchasing better weapons and armors for your next sword based soirée. Players may chose from a variety of classes, each with their own abilities. Classes will be balanced against each other and team matches will have to consider complimenting each others skills to succeed.  The developers are accepting signups now for this stage of testing.