Vermintide Generous DLC and New Content Next Month


Vermintide took us all by storm last fall with it’s team based intense coop wave action, it was no surprise it won a spot as one of our Best PC Games Of 2015. The team isn’t done adding to this great game, today they announced plans for a new mode known as Last Stand, complete with its own map the Town Hall. This new mode will have four players make a defense until the last man falls, there is no hope of a dashing escape in this mode, but there is room for Spartan heroics. The price for this new content will be $0.00, our favorite price of all.

That’s not all, the first paid DLC will also come to light. The new map and adventure is called Schluesselchloss. This new map takes place outside of the main city, and into the Grey Mountains. Developer Fat Shark however is still dosing this new map with a generous heaping of generosity. Instead of forcing the community into two sides (paid DLC vs non paid DLC) if you purchase the DLC you can invite your friends to play with you, for free. Developers like this certainly deserve community praise and support. Both content additions will be available in February 2016.