Twitch Beats Dark Souls II and DLC

Who says the internet is a cesspool of backstabbery and hateful spitefulness? Well…maybe it is, but it doesn’t have to be!

The players of Twitch Plays Dark Souls have done what should be impossible…just hours ago they beat Dark Souls II and all DLC.¬†This seemingly impossible accomplishment took 82 days with 3374 player deaths along the way. I am pretty impressed, because those stats already look better than my playthrough on the first Dark Souls, which I have yet to beat. The time on this is also worth noting, because the Twitch community playthrough of the original Dark Souls took 43 days, almost half the time it took to complete this run.

Check out the video below for the triumphant conclusion or go to the Twitch Plays Dark Souls channel and get in on the action for the next challenge.