The Talos Principle Updated – SteamVR (Experimental Support) Added

Road To Gehena DLC Support Added in this Update
Road To Gehena DLC Support Added in this Update

The Road to Gehena DLC for Talos Principle as reported earlier last week, was patched in today for the game. While that was expected, a bit of a surprise was SteamVR experimental support added to the game as well. It seemed a natural fit, but without an official SteamVR release it’s understandable some companies have not hopped on board. For those development owners of the VR Kit, instructions for activating SteamVR were listed in the patch notes for the game.

Here are the changes: 

New features: 
– Prepared for Road To Gehenna DLC. 
– Added experimental support for SteamVR. To enable it, right click on The Talos Principle in your Steam Library, then click on Properties / Set Launch Options, and add the following parameter: +vr 1
– Added support for the newest ATI GPUs. 

Gameplay/visual improvements: 
– Improved behavior of wide plasma walls: players will no longer be pushed to the original point of entry, and touch effects should sound more natural. 
– Improved the appearance of soft shadows on vegetation. 
– Added support for viewer-facing cloud particles, which should look more natural. 
– Deliberate glitching will no longer occur while player is using a terminal. 

Bug fixes: 
– Fixed several cases where connectors would lose their connections when using time recorder. 
– Fixed SSAO artifacts on certain resolutions and buffer scales. 
– Fixed an issue causing some crumbs to be rendered black (e.g. black grass). 
– Fixed artifacts along object edges lit by fast lights when using MSAA. 
– Shader caching and texture loading progress screen will now render correctly on triple screen setups. 
– Improved translations for several languages. 

– Major overhaul of crumbs rendering. There should be a noticable increase in performance on lower-end PCs. 
– Optimized visibility system for distant lights, which improves performance on lower-end CPUs. 
– Improved performance of plasma wall rendering on ATI cards.