The Division’s Dark Zones story introduced

Tom Clancy's the Division has a March 2016 Release Date
Tom Clancy’s the Division has a March 2016 Release Date

Ubisoft has released a story trailer detailing one of the main story aspects of its upcoming persistent multiplayer universe game The Division. From what’s gathered of the trailer The Dark Zones were the areas used to house the sick and infected following a virus outbreak. What was originally thought to be a bad flu, turns out to be something much worse (blame FEMA, you always blame FEMA). This viral outbreak causes local government, authorities, public services to completely shut down (see?) and leads to a total government collapse in just five days.

Players play as a part of “The Division” an apparently intact government unit, despite the apparent collapse of the government has been given power by the President of the destroyed and apparently non-existent Unites States, to stop the threat before it destroys the government that it already has destroyed. Right.

The Division has suffered numerous delays and many are skeptical the game will truly live up to the numerous staged game scenarios shown off by the studio over the last two years. Still the game holds much promise of intense tactical multiplayer goodness, including cooperative missions versus AI factions, as well as human elements in a persistent online universe over control of New York City. This trailer is a good indication that things are starting to come together, we hope.