The Division 1.7 Patch Adds A Host of New Features

With the release of Update 1.7 for The Division, players will receive a number of significant changes that should revitalize their methodical hunts through infected New York City. One significant change will be the addition of new global events. This new event rewards in tokens which in turn can be used to purchase “classified” gear. There is a new commendation system at play now. Players can attempt to complete challenges for a commendation. This increases a players commendation score, which is displayed to other players for bragging rights. In addition, certain patches could be awarded for those commendations which will replace the standard phoenix arm badge symbol. Also there are more facial customization options available for even further diversification amongst players.

Ubisoft has released a video explaining all the new items and global changes. There is also a complete patch notes description posted on The Division’s main site. The Division is an action role playing game that can be played in single player, but is more geared towards a massive multiplayer experience. Released in March of 2016, it is one of Ubisoft’s best selling games, and it has endured several improvements and continues to hold a steady fanbase. Its playerbase, has been influential in the types of updates being brought to the game since its release. The game takes place in an alternate timeline New York City where a terrorist biological attack has left millions dead in the city, and all of it’s infrastructure in shambles. Players are part of a government agency tasked with being the last line of law and order in such a crisis, simply called by it’s namesake “The Division“.