TellTale Games Confirms: Game Of Thrones Season 2 Coming & Michonne Mini-Series

Mother of Dragons Wants YOU!
“So, you think you can handle my dragons? For two whole seasons?”


Last week The Hollywood Reporter (spoilers within) confirmed Season 2 of the Game of Thrones game series is already in the works. Kevin Bruner (CEO, TellTale Games) stated the following in his interview, “When we initially announced the series in 2013, we let everyone know this would be a multi-title, multiyear partnership with HBO. After this week’s finale, I’m pleased to officially confirm that there will be a second season of Telltale’s Game of Thrones series and that it’s currently in development.”.

This is great to hear, especially for those of us who’ve reached the conclusion of Season 1. Yes, I can confirm how painful the ending can be. Felt like someone stabbed me in the left nipple, while ripping my earlobe off with pliers, and of course dipped all the injuries in concentrated habanero and lemon juices. But it’s not over, regardless of the ending you chose, there will be more multi-arc decisions to mull over.  Therefore save those game files, the quest to save House Forrester will continue. Stay tuned for our full game review as well as upcoming Season 2 Game of Thrones news.

This is happening.. and oh yes.. it needs to happen
Walking Dead Season 2 just lacked the kind of heavy duty sword dismemberment we have all been craving these days.

TellTale Games is busy on other properties as well. Michonne – The Walking Dead Mini-Series is also in the works. If you have been following the official anticipation thread on their site, TTG appears close to releasing a firm launch date for the game. It was also confirmed, through official twitter links and interviews, that The Walking Dead Season 3 will not arrive until after this mini-series concludes – along with strong indications that the Michonne series should be played before Season 3 (you don’t have to tell us twice). UPDATE: Michonne Mini-Series has a firm release date, it will arrive February 2016.

The Walking Dead game series falls more in line with Kirkman’s original comic book series. The first season was met with high critical and gamer praises. Yet faltered with Season Two, despite its pivotal ending(s). Some have complained about Season 2’s game length, and undeveloped story elements. I felt it was missing the strong “fallen hero” lead, who was easy to relate to. Despite it’s flaws, Season 3 could prove promising, especially if earnest work is put into continuing the possible endings and decisions from the last game to its fullest. We will bring you more news on this game series in the near future.