Take THAT, Dharg the Sneak!

Shadows of mordor's nemesis system is the shit

The Nemesis system in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is so excellent it continues to bring me satisfaction months after I last logged into the game. Leo and I were redeemed through the gore-soaked hands of my nephew Derek. Derek reclaimed our honor while wreaking bloody vengeance on our killers. The actual gameplay of Shadow of Mordor might have been fairly unoriginal, albeit entertaining, but the Nemesis system is inspired genius and I look forward to seeing it implemented in deeper ways in other games to come.

Now, if I could just get Derek to kill some code for me so I could actually write and play some games, that would be great. Back to work! Gone With The Win is still working on ironing out the bugs and related tedious back-end work before our offical launch, but we are starting to post now as we gear up to go live.

Make sure to bookmark us and visit us 500 times a day or…I will have Derek visit you. While Derek is doing a great job avenging deaths of Gone With The Win editors he’s having problems completing his Survial Challenge. If Derek stops by, see if you can help him find that pipeweed.