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N.E.R.O. (Nothing Ever Remains Obscure) – REVIEW

For some, butterflies are symbolic of change and resurrection. Jellyfish in dreams may represent healing of painful memories, and discovering the light within yourself. N.E.R.O. is a more emotional journey than a standard video game experience. Instead of road signs and highway markers, figurative symbols and deeper meanings guide you along …

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Vernon’s Legacy: An Early Access Look

Vernon’s Legacy is a first person horror-tinged adventure that takes place around the time of the Great War. Before you say Dear Esther or Gone Home let’s just clarify something: this is not a walking simulator. It’s worth mentioning because when you begin chapter one of this title, feelings of déjà vu may …

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Diving Through the Layers of Fear – REVIEW

What person can say they have never experienced fear? While at times it can cause us to behave in an irrational manner; panic and anxieties can induce us towards actions that enable self preservation. Fear is not a unilateral from person to person, it differs. Our reactions to threats, perceived or …

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