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REVIEW: A Robot Named Fight

A Robot Named Fight!  releases on Steam today, a new metroidvania game that goes beyond giving homages to the games that defined the genre. In fact, the similarities can be a too striking at times. That could be good, because who could hate a game that reminds them of a …

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Good Robot – REVIEW

Sometimes a developer can do more in 88 megabytes than others do with 8 gigabytes. Good Robot combines 2D twin-stick shooting with rogue-lite elements and delivers blocks of entertainment in every bit. Copious weapon and headgear options glamorize the typical twin shooter combat, but there is also enough parody throughout to make even jaded gamers crack a smile. Good …

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Gunna’ Level With You, Sublevel Zero /*0wnz*\

There was a time when first person shooters reigned supreme. Numerous shooters began to emerge. Many sought to include a catchy new hero, 100 new weapons, or other ideas to be distinguished from the rest. One developer dropped the idea of “six degrees of freedom”, that had a hybrid flight sim …

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