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PREVIEW: Party Hard II – Can’t Stop This Party Yall!

    Nearly two years have passed since Darius, a serial killer with serious dance skills, first donned a hockey mask and terrorized pixel party goers across the United States. For those of you who missed the first game, Darius is awakened during the early hours of the night by …

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Obliteracers – Review

Obliteracers zooms onto the PC gaming scene as a fun combat cart racer, allowing a whopping 16 local or online players. Racing takes a backseat to destroying your opponents. Combining arcade racing with such large scale party mechanics is a major selling point in this charming arcade title. Okay. Let …

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Jackbox Party Pack 2 – Just Add Equal Parts Friends and Long Islands for Instant Party – REVIEW

This year is the 20th anniversary year of the You Don’t Know Jack series,  a trivia hit with fans with every release. It’s slick game show style blended with heavy doses of cynicism, wit, sarcasm, and fast quips YDKJ always blended laughs with fact recollection like no other trivia game out there accomplishes. Recently, the …

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