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PREVIEW: Party Hard Tycoon

There was a time when pixel people could party all night long until they pass out drunk in a back alley; without the fear of being mutilated by a psychotic party-pooping killer. I’m going to go ahead and say Party Hard Tycoon will could be a prequel to the ostentatious …

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PREVIEW: Party Hard II – Can’t Stop This Party Yall!

    Nearly two years have passed since Darius, a serial killer with serious dance skills, first donned a hockey mask and terrorized pixel party goers across the United States. For those of you who missed the first game, Darius is awakened during the early hours of the night by …

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How to Kill a Party, with Party Hard

  Lava Lamps. Pet Rocks. Big Mouth Billy Bass. Bobbleheads. Novelty items, unusual and entertaining fads that blow over quickly. Party Hard releases today on Steam, and only time will tell if this game is a novelty item or not. It is unusual and entertaining in it’s own way. Party Hard began …

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