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Electronics Arts Offering Jade Empire: Special Edition Free

While Bioware has many fan favorites in their collection of published games, Jade Empire stands apart from their other action RPG titles. Jade Empire is a critically acclaimed 2005 hit, both on consoles and PC. It’s wuxia inspired story is drawn on ancient Chinese mythology. It featured real time combat, and multiple characters …

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JJ Wars Battlefront – Reviewed

What was your first Star Wars moment? I began at an early age, it was the first movie I watched in a theater- that’s how far back it starts for me. From the late 70s on, Star Wars would have a significant impact on my life. After the first hundred viewings, they became more than just mere …

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Sims 4 – New Patch, New Game Pack, More Hours Gone

“Wannee, taka deerba hoya montah!” rejoice Sims 4 fans, there’s more to do and experiment with in your virtual life simulator. EA has released two patches adding a new features and management options this past week. Aside from new items available in the Buy catalog, a new personality trait was added: …

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