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Early Access: Sky Arena – Starfox Inspired Arena Combat

Console exclusives were dreamt up in a smoke filled room. Perhaps a rotund mafia don, puffing on a cigar thought up the notion of monopolizing game fans. There is no denying that this hardline sales tactic works for establishing a consumer base. How often are we PC gamers sitting around watching a title snub PC gamers …

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30 Years of Snake – The Phantom Pain Review

With 30 years of Metal Gear gaming under the belt, this month Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain released, together with the prequel chapter Ground Zeroes, Hideo Kojima ties up once again, more loose ends for Big Boss, this time in the 1980s on one of the largest stages ever set …

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Curses N’ Chaos Defeating the Grim Reaper, One Frog at a Time

  Tribute Games took the indie gaming scene by storm with its 2014 release Mercenary Kings. It’s arcade Metal Slug inspired flavors and addicting platform action pushed Tribute onto my ‘must watch list. Curses N Chaos is a straight up a NES era inspired brawler. It’s handling of power items and co-op play manage …

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