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The Death of Movie Tie-In Games, the Rise of Celebrity Endorsed Gaming

Movies and games, everyone has an entertainment budget and both industries want the most of it. Decades ago there was no doubt who the king of the entertainment dollar. Movies set all major records for revenue and sales. Today, the battle-lines are blurred. Game companies rushed to recreate popular movies into …

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JJ Wars Battlefront – Reviewed

What was your first Star Wars moment? I began at an early age, it was the first movie I watched in a theater- that’s how far back it starts for me. From the late 70s on, Star Wars would have a significant impact on my life. After the first hundred viewings, they became more than just mere …

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Bertram Fiddle – Episode 2 – Kickstarter Support Needed Before Campaign Expires

By jove! What is this! A game that has no qualms about advertising itself as a comedic point and click adventure? Most bobbles in this genre are not afternoonified enough to convert me into a gigglemug. Don’t sell me a dog you say chap? But perhaps I will anyway, you see, …

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