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Claws of Furry – Less Than A Day To Hit Its KS Goal!

Every so often we spot ourselves a Kickstarter gem in dire need of support. Claws of Furry is the latest gem we would love to see make it to full production. This colorful arcade-style brawler invokes memories of great games like TMNT: Turtles in Time, X-Men, and other local co-op classics. …

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Sunless Skies Releasing to Early Access This Month

It has been well over two years since the release of the ambitious Sunless Sea. A rogue-like game where you captain a ship from port to port, as well as exploring the unknown oceans. This fantastic game was very well received by game fans and critics alike. It soon became …

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Kickstarter Campaign for Casteleva… no wai.. for DARK FLAME

There is a considerable time and design investment in making a deep metroidvania experience. It’s the kind of production that is rarely tackled by one person, even less by one person who spent two and half years teaching himself how to program games. Developer Warren Smith is breaking that mold, with his …

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Larian Studios Needs Your Input for Divinity Original Sin II Campaign

You hear that roar? That’s the sound of tens of thousands of gamers cheering at the announcement of the upcoming sequel to Divinity: Original Sin. While we quietly await for the Enhanced Edition of one of the best games of 2014, Larian Studios has announced that it will begin a …

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Shadowrun: Hong Kong Sets August 20th Release Date

shadowrun hong kong returns

With over 1,200,000 million dollars raised on Kickstarter for the third entry in Harebrained Scheme’s resurrection of the Shadowrun franchise, Shadowrun: Honk Kong finally receives a release date. According to the latest Kickstarter update, Shadowrun: Hong Kong will arrive on Steam, Good Old Games (GoG) and the Humble store on …

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