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Someone has set us up the Bombshell: Review

Bombshell is a new isometric action RPG releasing today on STEAM, hailed by some as the “spiritual successor” of one of PC gaming’s most iconic characters of all time Duke Nukem. During the zenith of Duke’s popularity, it was synonymous with ostentatious sexual themes, over the top violence, and irreverent humor, but also enjoyed …

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New Release: Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut Next Week for only $0.00?

  The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing and spin off action hybrid tower defense Deathtrap (a favorite here at GoneWithTheWin) has quietly become a popular indie title on Steam since it’s release. Van Helsing I, launched in 2013 to very positive reviews. At the time you chose one of three …

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How much entertainment volume, does Volume hold?

Making a game is easy. Making a good game is not easy, let alone a good game by a one man production company. That is about as common as passing 24K gold kidney stones. Mike Bithell has already struck such rare gold with his first solo project, Thomas Was Alone. It’s fair …

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