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Are Windows 10 Store Games Really That Bad?

I click on my ^ button, the one nestled by the date time, in the lower left-hand corner of my screen. A wave of nausea comes over me. Look at them, all those stupid little distribution applets crowded together. Like little leeches whose sole purpose is to await the opening of …

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Digital Downloads Taking Over, A New Age of Gaming On The Horizon?

Gamers are playing more games than ever before. Holiday season game sales are in healthy full swing. Yet video game stores are going the way of the dodo in a hurry. The New York Times reported the growing disparity between retailers and game sales as a whole. None of this is shocking …

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Humble Bundle Offers Monthly Subscription Details

Humble Bundle unveiled a new subscription package program that’s similar to what some game marketplaces are doing. The Humble Monthly is a $12 a month subscription that provides its members with a free “top notch” game bundle each month. As always a percentage (5%) of earnings is donated to charities. These …

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