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Sims 4 – New Patch, New Game Pack, More Hours Gone

“Wannee, taka deerba hoya montah!” rejoice Sims 4 fans, there’s more to do and experiment with in your virtual life simulator. EA has released two patches adding a new features and management options this past week. Aside from new items available in the Buy catalog, a new personality trait was added: …

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Star Wars Battlefront Beta Impressions: We’re Tossing Ewoks and Seeing What Sticks

Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, I think that was the last Star Wars game to truly blow me away. Oh believe me I’ve owned and played them all. Yet after X-Simulator and Tie Fighter, and yes I loved Knights of the Old Republic; still Dark Forces II really blew my mind …

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What are you doing October 8-12?

  Call your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/pet/significant other right now. Let them know the following. October 8 – 12 you, your body, your brain will be unavailable. Why? Star Wars Battlefront will be on free open Beta for that time period. Time to put your massive PC muscles the flex they’ve been yearning …

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