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Blacksea Odyssey Releases On Steam’s Early Access

It was a warm February in Florida. Our three days of harsh mid-50 degree winter days long gone. To my left, half my kids were busy making sand castles. To my right, the older kids who were “too cool” for sand castles were just prancing around dabbing and¬†flinging handfuls of …

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Darkest Dungeon Goes Full Retail Today

As life ebbs, terrible vistas of emptiness reveal themselves. Mortality clarified in a single strike! One of the absolute best games of 2015 officially leaves Early Access today! A price drop will accompany today’s official release (personally looking to pick up the soundtrack on sale). Darkest Dungeon is an RPG …

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Descent : Underground Early Access Preview

Over a year ago a team of developers split apart from Star Citizen to build a game with a peculiar working title. Ships That Fight Underground was all that was known of this new venture. However, any 90s era Descent fan surely put two and two together from the start. …

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