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New Smite World Champions Crowned

Sunday, January 10, team Episilon eSports emerged as world champions after a long and arduous road. The team defeated perennial winners team Fnatic in the earlier rounds. Then held on to win against Cloud9 a long time Smite fan favorite. Now that the SWC tournament is over Hi-Rez is gearing …

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DOTA 2: Reborn Launched

DOTA 2 players were greeted this week with an important DOTA2 update. As previously reported, this major update propels standard DOTA 2 into the Source 2 engine. For those playing and testing the Reborn Beta you will immediately notice the BETA option no longer works. So what does the first …

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DOTA 2 Officially Going To Source 2 Soon

Valve released news that their DOTA 2 will be updated to Source 2. The Reborn Beta is nearing completion with a major update. According to Valve, “in the coming weeks” the Reborn update will be applied to all DOTA 2 clients via their Steam distribution system. This is exciting for …

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