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Bungie: “400 users banned” For Threatening Destiny 2 PC Ecosystem

This morning we posted a story regarding a number of PC users complaining on Reddit and other forums that they were banned from playing Destiny 2. These stories were posted with screenshots, and led readers to believe they were banned for using third party video capture software. Being so specific …

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Players Reporting Being “Instabanned” From Destiny 2 PC Version

UPDATE: More users on other forums are reporting similar stories of being banned. The common thread appears to be that some point they activated their overlays, and recorded footage. After a few hours, when they tried to log back in they were surprised to find their accounts were banned. The …

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Destiny 2 Beta Impressions

There’s that friend, you know who I’m talking about, that hung out with you back in middle school then shafts you for years like you don’t exist. Now that you’re driving a new car and are hanging out with your college crew suddenly he skates up with a beer and …

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