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Blacksea Odyssey Releases On Steam’s Early Access

It was a warm February in Florida. Our three days of harsh mid-50 degree winter days long gone. To my left, half my kids were busy making sand castles. To my right, the older kids who were “too cool” for sand castles were just prancing around dabbing and flinging handfuls of …

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EARLY ACCESS: Blacksea Odyssey

  Is it too early to start tossing names in a hat for indie game of 2016? Early last month we began coverage of Blacksea Odyssey, and now the Alpha Access (click to signup) is finally here. If you did not sign up for alpha demo access, there’s no time like the present. …

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Blacksea Odyssey – This Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Fishing Game

The indie gaming scene could easily be compared to the Gold Rush era of old. So many developers, thousands and thousands of games, sifting through them all to arrive at the gold nugget or gem isn’t easy. That’s what the indie game landscape has become in the last few years. Not …

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