Sunless Skies Releasing to Early Access This Month

Like Sunless Sea, except no ocean instead stars.. Oh! and no boat, instead a space train… instead of sea monsters, space monsters …

It has been well over two years since the release of the ambitious Sunless Sea. A rogue-like game where you captain a ship from port to port, as well as exploring the unknown oceans. This fantastic game was very well received by game fans and critics alike. It soon became a matter of time before developer Failbetter Games, went back to work on a follow up release. Today, they have announced that Sunless Skies will release to Early Access on August 30th (Steam / GoG). Fans who backed their Kickstarter campaign will receive notifications regarding their access keys in their emails leading up to the game’s release. For everyone else, who’s interested (and you should be) the game will be offered on sale for 10% off the first week of Early Access release ($24.99 / £18.99).

Sunless Skies will feature the ability to pilot and upgrade your own sky train vehicle, as well as choosing your captain, their heritage and build their story through generations. Developer Failbetter Games, would like to remind all players that Early Access purchases comes with one zone name “The Reach” with more to follow. In addition, their post cautions players that the game will still be in early alpha stages; and thus is not indicative of the final product. Failbetter Games credits much of Sunless Seas success to early feedback and verbal fan community for shaping their first game into a success, and hope to duplicate that effect again on August 30th.