Street Fighter V Reveals New Character: Necalli, Who Looks A Lot Like Drexl Spivey

Street Fighter V reveals newest character at EVO 2015
Hmmmm, something might have been lost in translation here…

Sunday, July 19th, at the final day of EVO 2015 saw the introduction of the latest member of the Street Fighter lineup. Meet Necalli:


Necalli’s theme has a strong Aztec influence, with the possible exception of the dreadlocked coif that is more reminiscent of Gary Oldman’s character Drexl Spivey in True Romance than an Aztec warrior.

Necalli seems to be an aggressive, close-range specialist based on the reveal footage, which shows him delivering devastating strikes and throws, but no ranged attacks or specials. You can watch the embedded reveal video or go here to check out some official screenshots.