Street Fighter V Announces Official Steam OS Support, Steam Beta Starts Today

Capcommunity, Capcom’s official community account on Steam, made this recent announcement:

“Hey everyone. I’m excited to announce that Street Fighter V will be officially supporting Steam OS! We are working closely with Valve on this endeavor, and will have more details to announce in the near future, so stay tuned for updates.

Street Fighter V will also support the Steam controller, and you’ll be able to try that out right away during the upcoming beta test that takes place from December 18~20.”

This is big news for SteamOS.  One of the obstacles SteamOS will have to overcome to get a sizeable playerbase is game support. Right now, only about 25 percent of games on Steam are currently supported under SteamOS. Street Fighter V is a marquee title, and it’s a major coup for Steam to get that support before the game launches. The support for the Steam controller is also huge. I’ve recently been testing the Steam controller on several fighters, including the excellent Guilty Gear XRd -SIGNS-, and I now prefer it to using a 360 controller. I am excited to see how well it integrates with Street Fighter V.

If you’ve pre-ordered Street Fighter V, make sure to download it today. All early adopters are invited to the Steam beta weekend, which starts today at 10:00 am PST and runs through Sunday.