Steam User Fixing What WB Seems Unable To with Batman Arkham Knight

What should have been a flagship title for Nvidia's 970 GTX, has Titanic'ed since release
What should have been a flagship title for Nvidia’s 970 GTX, has Titanic’ed since release


The final chapter in the successful Batman Arkham series, Arkham Knight should have rivaled its predecessors. Expectations were high for impressive graphics and improved open world gameplay. These expectations were met on consoles but not on PC. The fiasco that ensued after the game’s release on PC is well documented. Within days WB Interactive pulled the game from Steam, and offered immediate refunds to anyone who wanted it. One observation to had was that this unprecedented reaction from WB was Steam’s new refund policy. The game was a bug-filled mess. WB Interactive announced  an interim patch for August and a fully functional Batman game sometime by the end of 2015.

A Steam user named Kaldaien has flown out of the proverbial bat cave offering an x64 utility for correcting issues with the game. I’ve been following his Steam thread carefully over the last couple of months, it’s very interesting.

One fan, who just wanted to play the game as it was meant to played has created a third party utility and maintained it with over 50+ revisions while gaming giant WB Interactive and its contractor Iron Galaxy have released absolutely nothing in the meantime. There is a serious disconnect when one volunteer enthusiast outperforms a Triple A publisher when it comes to correcting game-breaking issues that never should have seen the light of day.

Modders have been improving “final” versions of games for well over a decade. This isn’t a new phenomenon, but this is an extreme example and one that shouldn’t be occurring in 2015. At least the PC community always has hero(es) that seemingly solve what multi-million dollar entities drag their feet. Full details on how to implement the utility are located on Steam’s community discussion page. We will follow up with an actual Batman: Arkham Knight PC review when there is actually a game to review later this year.