Steam Sales Stats For 2015

Sergey Galyonkin of SteamSpy has released the sales and key activation numbers for Steam throughout 2015. Actually, it only shows from April forward, but it’s still a fairly exhaustive estimate of game revenues and sales/key activation. The break-down uses a top-twenty format:

steam stats totals 2015

So, there’s some predictable heavyweight titles topping the list. GTA V and Fallout 4 had a huge response, both on consoles and PC. Interestingly, this chart only tracks Steam activation, so the GTA V numbers do not include copies sold directly through Rockstar (the deal you will most often find on third party retailer and deal sites like G2A). Rocket League has had a huge year, it’s no surprise to see it sitting at number 5 for sales, yet there is no way to determine how many of those sales include key bundles with Steam Controller sales. ¬†Also not surprised to see Ark on this list, especially after seeing how it dominated country charts for 2015, as did Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (in fact, there is something wrong with the chart, because CS:GO should be hitting near the top of both charts, but it;s missing from the number one position on the “estimated sales” chart even though it had the most total activation on Steam with over 4.5 million).

You can see total numbers from April-December here and you can get a great breakdown of stats by country here (does not include December numbers).