Star Control Bundle Appears!


Best. Game. Ever.

When Stardock acquired the Star Control license nearly four years ago, they made known their plan to reboot the series. Things remained quiet for a couple of years, and I assumed, this was just another hopeful promise that wouldn’t materialize. However, in the last year Stardock has been definitive there is a game coming titled Star Control: Origins. Then today, they announced a bundle offer for pre-order. This bundle will include StarControl I-III as well as StarControl: Origins (which has yet to receive a firm release date) for $23.99, which is cheaper than the offer listed on Steam. Those that do pre-order the game, will also receive access to the Hyper-Melee beta.

Granted the original StarControl II has been available for free for sometime now. The Ur-Quan Masters were able to use the 3D0 edition of the game as an opensource project. Their released edition known as The Ur-Quan Masters HD is essentially what comes in the bundle. The bundle edition and its markdown comes on the heels of Stardock’s latest video showcasing SC: Origins. From what we can see in the video, everything definitely looks and feels like authentic StarControl II but upgraded for 2017 play. Planetary exploration feels more like a complete mini-game. The universe will be procedural generated. Origins appears to incorporate the same ship building system seen in Galactic Civilization series games, but allows for ship designs to be shared between players. Stardock has big shoes to fill with SC: Origins, but we remain hopeful–which we haven’t been for a very long time.