Sims 4 – New Patch, New Game Pack, More Hours Gone

Sims 4 has received numerous updates, changes, DLC, and more still to come
Sims 4 has received numerous updates, changes, DLC, and more still to come.

Wannee, taka deerba hoya montah!” rejoice Sims 4 fans, there’s more to do and experiment with in your virtual life simulator. EA has released two patches adding a new features and management options this past week. Aside from new items available in the Buy catalog, a new personality trait was added: Jealousy. The jealousy trait operates much as it would in real life. Being around their companion Sim will increase their confidence and overall mood. While being apart for too long will send their mood plummeting and create tension. Expect slaps, drinks to the face, and storming out of parties when that companion Sim gets too flirtatious with the neighbor. Managing big households will get a little easier with the new “Claim” command, which allows you to assign a Sim to a particular bed (and thus room). No longer will kids wander into awkward parental situations (coming soon: Sims Child Protective Services?). Call repair services day or night, provided you have the simoleons, to repair any broken item in the house should also help your time management along. Freeing your Sims up to spend their time focused hobbies or career building activities instead.

These updates come a few weeks before the release of Sims 4: Get Together, a new content pack that adds a whole entertainment, social, and neighborhood segment. Originally slated for mid November, this paid DLC now has a firm release date of December 8th (special gift for the missus?). Get Together will introduce a whole new neighborhood called Windenburg. This new locale offers new social activities such as a hedge maze, public pools, and a pub. There will be social cliques to join, ranging from the popular group to the fashion elite. Or start your own, and define your social groups status in the world. Engage with others in new activities like darts, foosball, and secret dance party. Get Together offers a complete overhaul and revamping of the entire Sims 4 social system. Check out the trailer for further details.