Rising Thunder – A PC ONLY Fighter – Raising Eyebrows?


When you think of fighting games, you may think of arcades if you are old enough, but at the very least you probably associate them as console-first titles. The reason being is perhaps the twitch joystick movements, fast 3-4 buttons to mash and fast reflexes for blocking and counter moves. So it came as a total surprise to us to hear that Seth Killian, known Street Fighter pro was working with Radiant Entertainment on a new project. It’s a free to play, PC only, multiplayer focused, online fighting game.

None of these elements typically go together or at least, are delivered in that fashion from publishers to the mass market. Not only that as Seth Killian explained to PC Gamer, he is looking to simply fighters to more than half circle setups and zig zag executes. Special attacks will have clear cut buttons assigned to them. Gone are the intricate patterns required to make a guy shoot a tiny fireball across the screen. Instead the focus will be on when and why you want to fire a fireball at your enemy.

Special moves have cool down timers, removing the need for precise and repetitive thumb movements and more emphasis on skilled timing, and capitalizing on your enemy’s weakness or exposed movements. This may seem very MOBA in nature particularly similar to MOBAs like Smite or Gigantic. Unlike those games however, Rising Thunder will focus the more fast paced and intricate ballet of a one versus one fighter arena.

The reasoning for this was explained by Seth Killian in his interview to PC Gamer ““we’re not really playing chess,” he says, and no one looks at famous Street Fighter matches and says, “That dude totally threw all the fireballs.” Being able to input attacks isn’t what’s interesting about high-level fighting, the way knowing how to move a knight isn’t the hard part of chess.”

These fighter simplifications while focusing on the strategy of the match could lead to more exciting matches, with a lower learning curve entry. Not only that, but cutting out consoles initially is a bold move and boon for PC-first gamers. To top it off, it has a nice smooth art design, part cartoonish in nature, but very fluid and still 3d in every aspect, Rising Thunder looks poised to be a long running hit for PC fighter enthusiasts. We’ve already signed up for the closed Alpha this July 28th. In the meantime enjoy this technical preview of this upcoming title.