Reddit Users Have Voted on The Best PC Games of 2015

The extremely popular /r/pcgaming sub reddit ¬†started a community poll ten days ago for best overall game of 2015 and the best games in several fundamental gaming categories. Open votes on the internet often lead to heavy vote pushes and manipulation for various contenders, as was recently seen a few weeks ago when Undertale won a Gamefaqs reader poll to become the “Best Game Ever.”

Regardless, it is still interesting to see what games made the voting list and how the voting went down, regardless of special interests or fan campaigns. From the final results of the poll:

“From the 11th till 18th of December, we had the 2015 /r/pcgaming Game of the Year Award! poll up for members of this sub to cast their votes for the five best games they had played on PC throughout the year, as well as vote for individual award categories. For the overall Game of the Year award, each game that was voted for was assigned points depending on the position it was listed on.

Now, the results have been tallied, and we have one clear and emphatic Game of the Year winner for 2015! The second ever /r/pcgaming Game of the Year Award! has been won by The Witcher 3! In second place, we have another open-world RPG in Fallout 4 just nicking ahead of the episodic narrative-driven game Life is Strange. Rocket League and Grand Theft Auto V round out the top five games of the year as voted by you, the members of this community.

As for the individual categories, for the Best Indie Game Rocket League trumped over Undertale by a singular vote.The Witcher 3 won the Best Graphics/Art Style category ahead of Star Wars: Battlefront and Ori and the Blind Forest. Metal Gear Solid V took top spot by a clear margin in the Best Gameplay category. As for the Best Narrativecategory, Life is Strange just about nicked ahead of The Witcher 3. Meanwhile, Best Sound was won by The Witcher 3, just getting ahead of Star Wars: Battlefront by a single vote. And finally, Rocket League was by and large a clear winner in the Best Multiplayer category.

The results for the various categories are tabulated as follows:”


reddit 2015 best pc game awards

reddit best pc games 2015 awards