Quantum Break – Free PC Code Release UPDATED

When? Soon.
When? Soon.

UPDATE: The matter is official, Microsoft has stated the free PC codes for pre-order will BEGIN to arrive 7-10 days after April 5th, customers will receive the code in “waves”. You maybe buy the PC game from the Windows Store, the delay only applies for those customers who are receiving a second game edition for free.

Microsoft Game Studios came up with a brilliant plan for their new exclusive title Quantum Break. Those that pre-ordered the game for Xbox One would receive a bevy of free titles with it. In particular, a free copy of the Windows 10 edition of the game for free. Throw on top backwards compatible copies of Alan Wake and Alan Wake: American Nightmare, and this offer is impressive.

Microsoft has had a knack for messing up a sure thing when it comes to its PC game releases.

If you read the fine print, the free PC codes would be sent via the Xbox messaging system (which is also accessible within Windows 10). According to the information that release would have “soon after the launch of the Xbox One” edition. When is “soon”?

According to hundreds of twitter reposts Xbox Support claimed the free PC codes would arrive in 7-10 days:

According to the official tweet from the Quantum Break account, things sound a little different:

Does that clarify things? Well, not quite. Within the 24 hour time frame Quantum Break was released to the Microsoft Windows Store for sale. According to most reports on Twitter, no pre-purchased gamer has received their free PC codes at this time. Therefore, the mystery still continues.

This unclear status only further sours reports from today’s PC testers who are reporting numerous issues with the Windows Store and the game itself. These early twitter accounts allege significant issues when playing at resolutions above 1080p. Stuttering and severe loading issues. As well as apparent lack of multi-GPU support (although this remains unconfirmed from official sources).

Here at GoneWithTheWin we only have access to the Xbox One edition of this title, and we refuse to give impressions on a game that’s running at paltry 720p on a console (but, ok it’s pretty good so far). If Microsoft Game Studios is to make any leeway into energizing PC and Xbox One gamers together, launches like this one are not the way to go about it.