PREVIEW: Party Hard Tycoon

Ok the psycho’s gone, now it’s time to party hard.. and make a profit!

There was a time when pixel people could party all night long until they pass out drunk in a back alley; without the fear of being mutilated by a psychotic party-pooping killer. I’m going to go ahead and say Party Hard Tycoon will could be a prequel to the ostentatious Party Hard series. Instead of killing the party, this time you help create and design the antics that brings hundreds of entertainment deprived denizens into one place for a night of drinking, dancing, and vomiting. Leave your sadistic side in the closet (for now), and put on your management sim hats, Party Hard Tycoon aims to bring its signature style to a new genre.

While the game is still in very early alpha stages, it is noteworthy to mention that you plant and build almost every aspect of your party promotion business. Purchase speakers, DJ booths, food tables, BBQ pits, beer kegs, and sophisticated laser displays to entice party goers to go and stay at your hosted parties. Hire waiters, entertainers, and bouncers to keep newcomers entertained, and rowdy ruffians back on the street. Enhance your party further with advanced light, fire, and smoke displays, these items may be costly but certainly increase the “Wow” factor for you party goers.

Arrange music, fireworks, food, and drinks around your location to maximize space and entice guests to party hard all night long

As you progress through the game new themes, locations, and hired help become available. At the start, the most economic place to throw a party is your house, with only a pair of party themes available. These themes help give a flavor to the entire affair, such as an alien themed party, or a punk rock bash. As you progress, you’ll be able to throw rave parties at a junkyard, or chic techno-flavored extravaganzas at the fancy hotel downtown.  The better the party, the better your reviews will be on social media. Social media can be followed by a tab as the party progresses. Guests will complain of the lame entertainment, lack of food, bad music, and more. On the flip side, a well laid out event could get the attention of some local celebrities who may grace your shindig and bring you all kinds of attention. Setting the cover charge as well as food sales, will help fund more advanced equipment and venues.

Selecting a venue is important, each has its own limits. The good thing is your party equipment purchases carry over to the next day.

There are certain limits at play, for example, each venue has a limit to how many guests it can host. Thus, limiting your maximum profit potential. Cover charge can only go so high, there seems to be a sweet spot per location. As the party progresses you have to keep manually clicking tables, and drinking areas to have the waiter refill them. It seems that it takes a millisecond for a party goer to lose interest. In addition you have to keep your entertainers busy, or people will grow bored and leave.

Even in these early stages, Party Hard Tycoon is quirky, comical, and even fun. I am curious to find out where they take this series, and what challenges will be introduced to keep party managers on their toes. With enough content and gameplay additions, PHT has the potential to hold its own as a spinoff game.