Planetary Annihilation: Titans Under The Radar Release



Remember that game that came out last year after months of Early Access testing that could have been as cool as all the Supreme Commander games combined, but just wasn’t? Some of those that remembered were probably trying to forget it ever happened. Planetary Annihilation officially released last year by Uber Entertainment, formed by some ex-developers of the aforementioned Supreme Commander games..

I was an early game tester of PA and actually enjoyed much of it. It was originally designed to appeal to the hotkey e-sports RTS commandos. As the games hundreds and hundreds of onscreen units required intense key management to control. It fell by the wayside after many game design decisions soured player opinions. Uber Entertainment started with a hefty Kickstarter campaign for this game, followed by a near retail price tag for Early Access, and at launch the dreaded microtransactions for commanders and skins. As it stands PA is sitting on 12,000 mixed Steam user reviews.

Today Uber Entertainment released an exciting standalone expansions for Planetary Annihilation that looks to capitalize on what they did right, and wipe the many wrongs.


Bigger is ALWAYS better

The new expansion introduces new Titan units that stand massive over any of the games’ advanced units and could be the exciting end game factor many have been waiting for. PA: Titans still allows all the tactics and options from the original game, with a handful of new options. It was a shame to see this game fall out of favor so quickly, as it offered unprecedented scope for planetary warfare. Those that bought into the original game can receive Titans at a 66% off discount until October 8th, while anyone who Kickstarte’d PA will receive the expansion for free. GoneWithTheWin will bring you a full review of this expansion soon!