Planet Nomads is Coming … Been Keeping an Eye On This One

An intelligent planetary survival game... sign us up!
An intelligent planetary survival game… sign us up!

Sirens are blaring. That’s what you remember most about how… it happened. That klaxon, that sound, it was almost as loud as the banging in your chest. Then the crash. Now you awaken, unsure of where “here” is. Your ship has tools, some food, but you happen to have the most important factor of all that  yellow noodle between your ears.

What happens next is up to you…

The exploration and crafting genre might at times feel a little crowded. However, the intelligent exploration, crafting, and building genre has room for new ideas. Enter Planet Nomads, a title whose development updates caught our eye months back. Developer Craneballs is pouring much enthusiasm and zeal into this expansive and ambitious title. While the game is still not ready for alpha, there are a few news updates that are of interest.

One important promise from the developers is that Planet Nomads is being built with constant content updates in mind. Another appears to attention to the “little details” that make exploring an alien world fascinating. Worlds are procedurally generated, with unique biomes planned, and an array of alien life. Drill rocks for specific minerals. Use a welder to finalize a repair on your vehicle, down to the last seam. Aside from details, building will be a fundamental part of the experience. Gamers can build bases, vehicles, and other structures to their hearts content. Building your technology and base to the point where you leave your starting planet is only the first “endgame” scenario being planned. Building your technology and base to the point where you leave your starting planet is only the first “endgame” scenario being planned.

The Kickstarter campaign for Planet Nomads will commence January 2016. Supporters will receive access to the closed Alpha as early as summer 2016. Good things come for those who wait and support the right games, and judging from the trailer, this could be one of the better titles. You can get started on building structures and experimenting with the game’s object builder now. If you decide to head on over to their site and register, you can join the development team in submitting ideas and details you would like to see added or changed in this fascinating title.