cradle pc game review

Review: From the Cradle to the Vague

Cradle. What is it? Cradle is an undeniably inspired vision of an amorphous future dystopia, a visual treat composed of many layers that sharply contrast with the cramped boundaries of the canvas framing it. Cradle is a tantalizing story that teases the player as it piques interest when it emerges from dialogue and peeks slyly from …

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Going Beyond Games With Beyond Eyes

  The video game industry has surpassed the film industry in gross revenue for years now. According to a study done in 2008, 68% of households in the United States play computer or console games. When I was young boy, console games on the Atari 2600 where laughable representations of films. …

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Fable Legends Showing off new PC Gameplay footage

  Lionhead studios this week released gameplay footage of Fable Legends running on DirectX 12. The game features a lavish fantasy setting, with lots of active elements bringing to life the combat erupting on the map. Fable Legends is a sharp departure from previous Fable games. It is a F2P …

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king of dragon pass review

A Prince or Pauper? King of Dragon Pass Review

King of Dragon Pass was released in 1999. Since then, it’s seen a port to mobile (iOS, Android and Windows mobile), a digital release of the original on and finally it’s returned to PC via Steam, with some minor content additions. Does it still hold the crown after 16 years? …

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Hitman Reboot Trying New Approach in Launch

    IO Interactive in a recent interview laid out details for their upcoming Hitman game. Hitman (2015) will be a reboot of the series and it will bring with it a return to the multi-layered sandbox levels series fans were left craving with Absolution‘s release. The new entry into …

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First Look: Rising Thunder Technical Alpha

In our previous article we promised more details on Rising Thunder when the Alpha access was available. Now that it’s here, we’ve begun play testing this unique PC-only online fighter. Once downloaded the transition to online quick matching is quick and easy. Most matches started within 20-60 seconds tops so player availability …

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Breach and Clear: Deadline – Strategic Zombie Combat Unleashed

Last year Mighty Rabbit Studios released Breach and Clear, a tactical strategy game revolving around micromanaging your four-man special forces team through a plethora of anti-terrorism scenarios. The game earned many favorable reviews from gamers and critics alike. Breach and Clear gave you control over nearly every aspect of deploying elite forces into precarious scenarios. …

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Mafia III Targeting Early 2016 Release and New Trailer

  Mafia fans now have an approximate date to stop playing Mafia I and II, and turn their Godfather blu-ray playbacks off. The game is now scheduled to be released in 2016 on PC, surely a firm release date will be announced closer to the new year. Fans salivating for any …

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Gigantic Gamescom Update: Closed Beta Announced

Motiga Games has announced an official date for their upcoming MOBA Gigantic at Gamescom. The game will transition from closed Alpha to closed Beta on August 28th. In a recent interview with GoneWithTheWin, Motiga mentioned that during the Beta, more information would be made available. Currently NDA agreements prevent alpha …

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Kyn pc game review

Kyn You Dig It?

My first few minutes into Kyn, I hoped I had found the spiritual sequel to Aarklash: Legacy, a superlative strategy rpg from 2013 that was criminally overlooked by the gaming press. Tangrin Studios is a two-man Dutch game studio (Victor Legerstee and Cavit Ozurk), and what they have accomplished with Kyn …

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Submerged PC game review

Submerged Drowns Under The Weight of Expectations

Submerged, the creation of Upper Cut Games, a small studio that consists of three former 2k Australia members, releases for retail August 4th and launches with the premise that a game without a “failure state,” no combat, minimal narrative, and no consequences for player choices can be an entertaining game. …

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The Swindle – Stealing Your Game Hours With Ease

There are over 175 rogue-like games on Steam alone, about the same number or more of stealth genre games. When I think of rogue-like games, I think of dungeon crawlers, endless labyrinths, and the stream of New Game menu selections thanks to permanently dying. When I think of stealth games, …

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