Oculus VR Believes Devs Will ‘Master’ Oculus Touch in 1-2 Years

This image proves both user and people around the user will look goofy playing Oculus Rift
This image proves both user and people around the user will look goofy playing Oculus Rift


Oculus VR made an exciting splash this past June when it announced its plans for an input solution to pair with its Oculus Rift VR helmet solution. These motion sensitive devices, feature two buttons, and analog sticks for dual control. Up to this point, most Oculus VR enabled game relied on a standard controller to control movement. These new designs open up the possibility for even further immersion. The controllers offer position tracking and gesture recognition not possible with standard game controllers. This could be key to integrating VR with FPS, Sports, and RPG game genres.


These controllers also double as bulky 1980s throwback jelly bracelets
These controllers also double as bulky versions of 1980s throwback jelly bracelets


In an interview with Gamasutra, Oculus VR CEO Brandon Iribe stated “when you look down to interact with something you don’t want to see your hands attached to sticks or wands […] You want to see your hands just the way they are…that’s what we want to deliver.” as far as when we will find games that utilize this, it could be a ways off. Oculus Touch Dev Kits will be available first quarter 2016. At that time it will take developers time to fully understand how to work the completely new control scheme into something that works naturally. Iribe estimates “You’re going to see a lot of Touch content showing up, probably more like middle of next year to late next year. Developers need time to work with it; it takes 6-12-24 months to work with a new input device and build and ship a game for it.” Oculus Touch has been demo’ed with a software titled Toybox, the company is currently funding development houses to bring exclusive Oculus software to market when their hardware officially releases. It will be interesting to see if Valve has plans for it’s own VR control scheme to pair with their Steam VR headset.

Source: VrFocus