Nvidia shows off Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition in Stunning 4K 60FPS/HDR10

Thing of beauty!

2018 cannot get here soon enough, Final Fantasy XV is looking to be one of the most gorgeous games on PC. Today Nvidia released a video of the game running in 4K at a smooth 60FPS. There is a slew of Nvidia enhancements FFXV will support listed here. Turf, hair, fire, and smoke, have special Nvidia Gameworks enhancements available for ultra realistic effects. ¬†This gameplay video appears to be running on a GTX 1080Ti, and DirectX 12. Even for those not using Nvidia’s highest end cards or 4X SLI GTX Titan X’s, Square Enix promises will still look fantastic on mid range PCs.

Final Fantasy XV is the latest chapter in the long JRPG saga. The game has already released on PS4 and Xbox One consoles. The planned PC release delay was to finalize development of the many of the many enhancements possible only on PCs. It is currently scheduled for an early 2018 release.