Nvidia releases cheapest DirectX 12 option to date: The GTX 950




Last night Nvidia officially released the GTX 950 Graphics card. Their marketing campaign is appealing to GTX 600 series users. The GTX 950 has a starting price point of around $159 with 2-3x the overall performance power of the GTX 650. Interesting to note, Nvidia has an entire marketing page dedicated to showing why the 950 card would give a “competitive edge” to MOBA players. For starters, it would provide an excellent DirectX 12 for future MOBAs as the card is based on Nvidia’s Maxwell Architecture. Nvidia however, is pushing DOTA 2 response time numbers, just when you thought first clicking needed to be milliseconds clickier, right? The company is even throwing punches at competitive console gaming with their 900 series cards stating that they are all “faster than console”. From the limited exposure to Smite on PC and Xbox One, and Gigantic Alpha on PC using a 900 series card, there is credibility behind Nvidia’s gaming performance statements. The GTX 950’s price point should be quite popular with mid range and lower end PC players that are in fact, primarily engaged in competitive arena games. While many gamers have jumped ship towards¬†the Heroes of the Storm scene, it’s particle effects and higher settings have older card owners looking for an economic performance boost. Nvidia’s GTX 950 card should handle these and all foreseeable new DX12 modestly in the future.