New Five Night’s at Freddy’s from Scott Cawthon… it’s a book.

Put your ear to page 16 if you hear breathing don't open page 17.
Put your ear to page 16 if you hear breathing don’t open page 17.

There’s a new Five Night’s at Freddy’s out, and its not a game, it’s a full self-published story from Scott Cawthon. It’s been a few months since FnaF4 released so most probably expected a new game. Instead the well known indie developer has spent the time writing out a full length novel surrounding his best-selling game series.

This 493 page novel takes place ten years after the Five Night’s at Freddy’s murders. From the perspective of Charlotte (Charlie), who is the daughter of the original owner of the pizza restaurant. Her father not only owned the restaurant he built the four animatronic creatures that terrorized and murdered those left within the store after hours.

Naturally Charlotte returns to her hometown. Of course, her childhood friends are there. So according to Martha Stewart and Julia Child, the apropos etiquette is to arrange for a ten year anniversary of death surrounding your father’s fatal follies. So Charlie, after cutting the cake, and playing pin the tail on the dead kids, breaks into the pizzeria and plays red-light-green-light with the murderous machines.

This seems to be an unusual plot, however not as unusual as why Cawthon chose to write the books. Many FNaF enthusiasts were left with many unresolved plot points from the games (leading some to assume the games were never intended to carry much of a “story”). Cawthon stated that the novelized stories are separate alternate timelines from the games. So with no mysteries being revealed, no screaming loud machine in your headsets, and no real true connection to the jump-scare games, what’s the point of the book? Only diehard fans can answer that one.