Mortal Kombat Gets Even Kombatier On PC

I know. I know, Scorpion. I hate Mondays too.
I know. I know, Scorpion. I hate Mondays too.


This week WB interactive and NeverRealm Studios released a massive patch for Mortal Kombat X. Among the many fixes, online support has been smoothed out. Control displays should map out accurately if you decide to go with the your own custom layouts.

Additionally there is an option to select particle effects to be displayed on CPU or GPU depending on your rig, to help with performance issues. A new PC Benchmark was added to check your framerate and effects performance as you tinker with settings. For more information be sure to read through their detailed listing of fixes, that may bring competitive MK to the PC arena once more.

In other news The Brotherhood faction won the war this round. That sucks because we all know that the only REAL faction is ahem.. The White Lotus clan.