Mafia III Targeting Early 2016 Release and New Trailer



Mafia fans now have an approximate date to stop playing Mafia I and II, and turn their Godfather blu-ray playbacks off. The game is now scheduled to be released in 2016 on PC, surely a firm release date will be announced closer to the new year. Fans salivating for any bit of detail on this big third chapter to this memorable series were treated to a new reveal trailer brimming with cinematic detail on the game’s main protagonist, Lincoln Clay. Mafia III‘s story takes a greater departure from past Mafia games in terms of setting and plot.

Mafia III will not revolve necessarily around the Italian mafia scene. You will play a returning Vietnam War veteran, who is also an orphan. A true rebel without a cause, Clay survives a murder attempt by the Italian mob on his return to New Orleans. The year is 1968, an era with much public outcry over the atrocities of the war overseas. You will guide Lincoln Clay as he attempts to build his own criminal empire and strikes back at those who wronged him in the past. Mafia II‘s main protagonist Vito Scaletta returns to aide Clay on his rise to power. Check out the trailer for more details!