Lego Worlds Receives It’s First Update

Rejoice patient early access gamers - an update is here
Rejoice patient early access gamers – an update is here


Lego Worlds was released last month on Steam Early Access, it was pretty bare and there were several options unavailable without XML manipulation to get the game to even display properly for some users. However, once up and running the potential for Lego Worlds was readily evident. Lego Worlds developers have been pretty vocal on Steam and announced a delay to their first update to ensure they did not corrupt any saved worlds and perhaps any other issues that the update would involve.

Good news however, today the update has gone live and the list of changes is pretty extensive:

Major Fixes
– Resolved an issue where certain PC account types could not launch the game.
– Crash fixes for 32bit OS.
– Fixed a rare crash instance when pressing the windows key.
– Fix for “Save slot” selection issue encountered by certain users.
– Fix for game hangs caused by terrain editing tools.
– Fixed a crash in the terrain copying tool.
– Resolved an issue with DX11 performance.
– Resolved an issue where Alt-Tabbing out of the game caused the camera controls to break.
– Resolved an issue where calling up the Steam Overlay would break camera controls.
– Resolved graphical issues caused by resolution changes.
– Fix to prevent and deal with corrupt world data that was manifesting as “black towers”.

New Features
– Windowed mode (resizable).
– Cave systems.
– Custom settings supported, and “Landscape Settings” added for more control and choices for performance vs quality on your system.
– A Delete World button on the front end.
– A crosshair in the editing tools to show the camera pivot point in editing tools.
– Holding either ‘-‘ key turns off the GUI to help with screenshots. Known issue – causes a flicker on the front end when typing!
– Tooltips added to all bricks, colours and materials in the editing tools.
– Gameplay camera zoom on mouse wheel or pad triggers.
– Dynamic “cut-away” in Brick Building to allow both close work and editing in caves and interiors if zoomed out.
– An inverted corner piece added to Brick Building.

New Content
– Biomes.
– Items.
– Characters.
– Creatures.
– Vehicles.
– Props.

These additions add a little more “feel” to the game as we were not sure where TT Games was headed with this new addition to the Lego series. Skeletal enemies now litter the landscape, new biomes are announced as you traverse them. The overall variety of creatures and their activities has increased. It has renewed our enthusiasm to play this title, stay tuned for more Lego Worlds news as hear it, in the meantime we are busy crashing our giant dragons into roaming bands of skeletal warriors.