Last Day To Try and Keep Fractured Space Free

Final Tech Tree Reset Coming

Fractured Space is entering it’s final free day of the weekend. This is more than just a free demo, you can keep the base entry game as long as you participate before early Monday morning. Tech Tree, experience, and other profile data will be reset as well. However it will be the last time this game is reset as the game finally moves into BETA and then full release later this year. I’ve been a part of the Early Access Alpha for months, and this game has come a long way.

Titanic capital ship combat is the spectacular draw of this game. Choose a ship class, from faster assault vessels to slow moving support behemoths. Head into each sector and vie for control of mining platforms and the final forward base in the sector. Once that is complete, all of your team is able to jump into the enemy sector for a final assault on their base. There’s a caveat, in the center is a special “Gamma” station. This station appears on a timer, should your team capture and control it in that time the entire team will receive defensive and offensive buffs (perfect for an assault on the heavily defended enemy base). In a full match Fractured Space can be intense fun, blending various ship classes and roles is crucial and communication is vital. This is a space MOBA that deserves a great bit of attention for the phenomenal gameplay and teamwork it exudes. Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer to try and keep this game.