Larian Studios Needs Your Input for Divinity Original Sin II Campaign

Larian Studios is Kickstarter done right
Larian Studios is Kickstarter done right

You hear that roar? That’s the sound of tens of thousands of gamers cheering at the announcement of the upcoming sequel to Divinity: Original Sin. While we quietly await for the Enhanced Edition of one of the best games of 2014, Larian Studios has announced that it will begin a new Kickstarter campaign starting August 26th, 2015. Back in 2013, the Kickstarter campaign aimed at raising $1,000,000 towards funding Original Sin was a massive success. Critic and gamer response was equally impressive, earning near universal acclaim and holding steady 8.7 ranking on Metacritic. Armed with this impressive record, Larian Studios is going to its roots again with Kickstarter. They are looking for suggestions and votes from fans for the type of reward to give future backers. While there is no concrete details on Original Sin II it is apparent work is well underway on the sequel. A playable demo will be available at PAX at the end of this month, which suggest much of D:OS’s Enhanced Edition engine will be used. Looking through the suggestions listed on Larian’s Kickstarter Pledge voting page we’ve picked out some of our favorites:

  • Kickstarter Collector’s Edition: Though it may be expensive, it’s always nice and welcome to have the option to give money for a very special and exclusive collector’s edition.
  • Beer mug: What better way to spend time gaming, than with an original Divinity: OS beer mug! Slam it on the table when you miss a vital hit or chug it down when you crit for a kill. Either way, it belongs next to every gamer.
  • Adult mode: Extra gore, extra nudity, and extra profanity (with an option to turn it off for the young’ns) [The Current Leader]
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