Is PC ever getting Gears of War Ultimate? Microsoft says early 2016


When Microsoft unveiled plans to remaster Gears of War dubbed the “Ultimate Edition”, it was intended for release on both consoles and PC. August 2015 saw the release of the Ultimate Edition, but only on consoles. PC Gamers have been left holding their… controllers in anticipation.

After months of silence and lots of PC gamers tapping their feet impatiently, one gamer took to Twitter and directly asked Phil Spencer the “what’s up” with Gears of War and even Killer Instinct on PC:


This is as close to an official update as we’re going to get. “Not too far into 2016” does in fact sound like first quarter 2016, but still no way to be sure. It’s refreshing at the very least this remake wasn’t abandoned for PC gamers, as this Ultimate Edition was reported to bring 4K resolutions and texture quality not possible on consoles. The question no has been able to ask as of yet is if Gears of War 4 will also get a timed PC release in the future. These questions are worth keeping an eye on, as Microsoft has pledged to unify PC gamers and Xbox One gamers closer together with all future game releases.