Hideo Kojima and Konami Post a Divorce Video



Since 1987 Hideo Kojima and Konami have been thrilling fans with the Metal Gear video game series. That’s almost 30 years of a single blockbuster franchise created and directed by one person. Konami hasn’t always had the greatest love for PC gamers but Kojima-san has much love for all gamers. After Metal Gear Solid 4, which was exclusive to the PS3, Hideo set out to do something different, something that would surpass all other Metal Gear games and elevate them to a new height. Thus the FOXEngine was born, built with PC AND next generation consoles in mind (for once). This lead to the release of MGS: Ground Zeroes a small prelude mission to the big release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Arriving at the late stages of its development Konami’s treatment of Kojima Productions and his subsequent dismissal has been alarming. At the cusp of one of gaming legends magnum opus release, the company Hideo Kojima legitimized has cut ties with him (probably for making MGSV available on PC day one? I mean where’s the multiplayer?)


Instead of immediate reconciliation Konami and Hideo released today their goodbye and divorce video, seen above. Hideo visits with all the people who helped make Metal Gear a worldwide legacy and bids them farewell. All those except David Hayter, who once gave up half his salary in order to bring back the reoccurring cast of voice actors for Metal Gear Solid 3: Twin Snakes. The Konami and David Hayter divorce video has not been released yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s coming. Konami has stated publicly that this is not the end of the Metal Gear series, but without the man who’s vision has kept its legacy shining, how could that possibly measure up to its predecessors? In the meantime, video gamers and video game critics are busy showering with praise what is probably destined to be the Game of The Year on all platforms. That seems like something you should fire someone over, right?